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July 1-Meal Plans and Goals

Guys! Can you believe it's July already? What's the deal 2017—You're moving so fast! Anyone else struggle to stick with their meal plans and healthy choices in the summer? I am struggling. Friends, warm weather and cookouts certainly make it hard. Not to mention pizza and tacos. I think my body has gone into maintenance… Continue reading July 1-Meal Plans and Goals


Meal Prep Week 24

MealPrepWeek24 After successfully making it through the cleanse phase (and losing six pounds) of my 24-Day Challenge, I took a four-day, slightly stress-induced break. I also gained two pounds back and learned a good lesson in why making good food choices is key. My husband's grandmother dies last week and we had to travel to… Continue reading Meal Prep Week 24


Meal Prep Week 15

MealPrepWeek15 Well guys, I'm down seven pounds since Christmas. Anyone else having some new year success? I owe part of my weight loss to Jillian Michaels. I've been doing her 6 Week 6 Pack video. I just started my second week. The video can actually be found on You Tube. (I think all her video… Continue reading Meal Prep Week 15


Meal Prep Week 14

Happy New Year! Let's get this started the right way. Instead of saying I'll start on Monday, start now. Transition 2014 into 2015 with a commitment to cleaner eating and exercise. MealPrepWeek14 A. Chicken with Green Beans and Carrots Not much to explain with this one. It's sort of hearty without all the guilt. I… Continue reading Meal Prep Week 14