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New Year, New You

I'm stealing a little free time to finally get a review in for the Kroger My Magazine Sharing. I've slacked on the last few missions because there has been so much going on in life. I could hope for things to slow down a little, but not too much because I really do enjoy the… Continue reading New Year, New You

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Spring-Fresh Look Review

I'm a little late getting my review in for the Spring Fresh Look box from My Magazine Sharing (Kroger). I've been so busy with work and life. I mean, I owe like five blogs to myself on my regular blog. But here it is even if I don't earn any points for it. My Spring-Fresh… Continue reading Spring-Fresh Look Review

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MyMagazine Sharing Network and Anything For Your Pet Review

Last February I joined the MyMagazine Sharing Network. It's a program Kroger has where you can receive coupons and free samples of various products by joining missions and using social media to review the products. You also get extra coupons to share with others. I didn't get a lot of missions my first year and… Continue reading MyMagazine Sharing Network and Anything For Your Pet Review

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Second Hand Challenge

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my work clothes-well, on most clothing in general. When I was gaining weight, I especially didn't want to go to the mall or a department store and spend a lot on clothing. I didn't feel good about myself and no amount of name brand fashion… Continue reading Second Hand Challenge



Hopefully you noticed something different about my blog. I thought I’d celebrate being back on the blogging bandwagon by giving April Can Cook a little makeover. I’ll just apologize now for the poor quality of picture I previously posted. Yikes! I had no idea they were that bad until I had to resize and repost… Continue reading I’M BAAAAAAACK!