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Second Hand Challenge

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my work clothes-well, on most clothing in general. When I was gaining weight, I especially didn't want to go to the mall or a department store and spend a lot on clothing. I didn't feel good about myself and no amount of name brand fashion… Continue reading Second Hand Challenge

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July 1-Meal Plans and Goals

Guys! Can you believe it's July already? What's the deal 2017—You're moving so fast! Anyone else struggle to stick with their meal plans and healthy choices in the summer? I am struggling. Friends, warm weather and cookouts certainly make it hard. Not to mention pizza and tacos. I think my body has gone into maintenance… Continue reading July 1-Meal Plans and Goals

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Because I Wanted To

For the last few years I think I tried just about everything to lose weight. I went through short bursts of healthy living but always fell back into old habits-and did so rather quickly. In August of 2016, I stood on the scale one morning after forcing the button on another pair of pants. The… Continue reading Because I Wanted To