That June Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

I know it’s almost September but you know I am consistently inconsistent with updating this blog.

After almost three months of working from home, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to return to the office. (Yes, that is sarcasm.) I wanted to try and make the transition a little easier so I decided to do a capsule challenge for the month.

Here’s how it went…

Keeping my 365 Day Secondhand Challenge in mind and using Pinterest as a guide, I pulled the following items from my closet:

Black Slacks (NY&CO, thrifted)
Denim Trousers (Loft, thrifted)
Animal Print Cadigan (express, thrifted)
Blue Cardigan (J.Crew, thrifted)
Black Blazer (Bar III, Thrifted)
Patterned Dress (Banana Republic Factory, purchased new)
Black Dress (Loft, thrifted)
Black Skirt (Express, thrifted)
Patterned Skirt (Loft, thrifted)
Black Polka Dot Button Down (Express, thrifted)
Black and White Blouse (Banana Republic Factory, thrifted)
Navy Blue Blouse (Express, thrifted)
White Cotton Blouse (Banana Republic, thrifted)
Black Sleeveless Blouse (Ann Taylor, thrifted)

The goal was to build all my work outfits from this selection for the month of June…well starting June 8 when I returned to the office. I made it three weeks.

Weekend outfits and shoes were free game.

On Sunday evening, I created five outfits, matched shoes to each and staged everything in my guest room closet. This cut a lot of time and stress from my morning routine, something I was really thankful for because I had to get back in the groove of having to get presentable. I was also really excited the first week. Most of the outfits were pretty basic and I’m sure I had worn the “look” before.

On Sunday evening of week two I went through the pairing process again. This time I had to be a little more creative with how I mixed and matched things. I regretted the patterned dress I had chosen as it wasn’t going to work. I tried. It wasn’t happening with any cardigan, shirt, skirt stuffing combo. I did create some really cute pairings in week two. I was proud of my work. I don’t think anyone noticed I was wearing the same clothes as the week before either, but then again, there weren’t a whole lot of people back in the office yet.

Week three’s Sunday pairing was a little more difficult. I was bored. The combinations were feeling meh or noticeably experimental. I barely made it through the week.

I love clothes. I love the challenge of wearing and pairing my closet in different ways. Capsule wardrobes have taught me about choosing quality, classic and neutral pieces as a foundation for a great wardrobe but living from a capsule wardrobe is not for me. I like to have a lot of variety—probably way too much and definitely more than I need. I think someone with limited space or a person who isn’t really into fashion and clothes but wants to look put together is the best candidate. However, I am all in on vacation capsules. Like cannot wait to actually try one on my next vacation. I have flirted with the idea but never gone all in. That’s a blog for a different day though.

On a secondhand note, I pulled 14 items from my closet and only one dress had been purchased new. All my clothing was name brand. If I had to give a rough estimate, I’d say those 13 thrifted items cost me less than $40 (and that’s about what I paid for the dress that wasn’t thrifted). I would have spent hundreds purchasing all of the clothing new. Something to think about.

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