Seven Days in May Wardrobe Capsule Challenge

I’ve looked into experimenting with capsule wardrobes throughout the years but never made it too far. Every time I pack for a trip I briefly consider creating a capsule for the week in an attempt to not overpack. I always chicken out. I worry people will notice that I am wearing the same things or that I won’t have the right clothing for events. Guess what happens on my trips? I wear the same pieces of clothing over and over. I have items that never even get worn. And I really only need two specific event outfits. Ever had to freshen up a shirt in the sink because you’ve decided to wear it for three days?

I was looking for ideas for my 365 Day Secondhand Challenge. I don’t usually need ideas but I am now two months into working at home because of the stay orders to slow COVID-19. In the beginning I did make attempts to get dressed. Then my friends and I challenged each other to Pandemic Dress Up Days. I have now reached the point of basically wearing the same clothes every other day. I can’t bring myself to photograph the same KanCan jeans and hoodie one more time.

Enter Pinterest and finding myself looking into capsule wardrobes again. I thought now would be a great time to actually try one out. I’d start small and just go for a week. I made a challenge for myself and incorporated it into my secondhand challenge. While pinning all the pins, I came across seven day capsules for each month. I liked the Seven Days in May layout and decided to follow the pin to its source: Kiss My Tulle. What a cute, fun, entertaining…all the things blog. I took the Kiss My Tulle Seven Days in May images and used it to pull pieces from my own closet and start pairing daily outfits.

A capsule wardrobe is a gathering of different clothing and accessories that you use to build multiple outfits with. This week I will create seven outfits from: a long cardigan, kimono style jacket, white t-shirt, white tank top, denim button down shirt, black wrap dress, jean skirt, jeans, a scarf, two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, three bracelets, hat, three purses, boots, booties and sandals.

I was sold on capsule wardrobes on day one. I was filled with thought and ideas. I’ll share a few.

Time—I could save so much time pulling a weekly capsule wardrobe on Sunday. Sure, it will take a little time and effort on Sunday but every morning during the week will be a complete breeze. I’d just have to pull my items, iron the wrinkles out and stage them in an area of the closet where I could easily grab and go.

Awareness—Building a weekly capsule to pull from will make me aware of what clothing I have, and with that, what clothing I likely don’t need or wear. Because a capsule is based on having classic and basic pieces, I will quickly learn what pieces I need to make sure are of higher quality. I’m going to know what my wardrobe strengths and weaknesses are.

Travel—By packing a capsule for travel, I will always have a well put together outfit on. I will hopefully no longer be tempted to over wear the same items I packed. Capsule packing will prevent me from overpacking. And even if I have to throw in a couple special occasion pieces, I can make sure those items I choose go with the shoes and accessories that I already packed. A capsule will also help me keep track of the things I packed (not that I lose clothes). If my luggage should get lost, I will know what temporary items to purchase to get max value and wear without wearing the very same thing for three days.

New Outfits—I am pairing items together that I never would have before. I am creating new looks from my own closet. I am looking more intentional and put together. I am experimenting with new looks.

For now, I am seeking inspiration from Pinterest, but I will master this capsule wardrobe thing!

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