Routine is the 2020 Theme

Resolutions? I prefer setting goals around a central theme each year. Having a goal then building a plan throughout the year to reach my goal is where I find the most success.

I failed to really have a solid theme and goal for 2019 and it really threw me off. I spent the entire year feeling off and in a constant state of catching up. I wasn’t prepared for life’s curveballs and basically flew by the seat of my pants. It caused a lot of stress and emotional distress. My sugar habit and some binge eating made appearances…that led to a little bit of weight gain. (Thankful nothing got completely out of control because I had built a decent foundation of health.)

Pause—2019 wasn’t that bad. Sure, there were a few hiccups but there was some good stuff and growth. I retired from roller derby and filled the void with running. I really hated running when I started but now I crave it. 2019 brought me back to Indy where I am closer to friends and family.

So what’s the 2020 plan?

Well, it’s all about finding my routine again. I need that daily rhythm so I can rock this year.


• Maintain workouts (cross training)
• Get nutrition back on track
• Run a half marathon
–Weight Goal: 125 pounds
• Read one book per month
• List six items a week on Poshmark and share closet daily
• Blog once a week
• Learn how to use a gun, get licensed, purchase a gun
• Stick to a solid budget and pay credit card debt down while building savings
• Finish interior house projects including painting.
• 365 Thrift Challenge (Blog to follow)

Alright, I put it out there. Time to be held accountable.

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