365 Secondhand Challenge

It’s no secret that a large percentage of my wardrobe is secondhand. I love thrifting. Sometimes I probably love it a little too much.

Fast fashion is hurting the world. Cheap, low quality clothing really isn’t even worth the money spent on it. Meanwhile, the secondhand clothing trend is on fire while also being eco friendly.

The secondhand market is expected to reach $51 billion in five years, according to Thred Up’s 2019 Resale Report. Sixty-four percent of women are now buying or willing to buy secondhand products. Millennials and Boomers thrift the most while Millennials and Gen Z drive secondhand growth. Within 10 years, secondhand fashion will be larger than fast fashion. Check out the full report on Thred Up’s website. It’s a great read.

In 2020, I am challenging myself to wear at least one secondhand piece per day. Some days it might be a simple accessory while other days it may be a complete outfit. I plan to document my journey on Instagram @Fetzernathy. While the intention would be a daily post, the reality tells me that some weeks may require photo dumps.

I will continue to edit my wardrobe and sell what is rotated out.

I will also breath new life in my blog by answering thrift questions, sharing thrift strategy and rehab techniques (and experiments), educate through my own daily experiences with re-selling, and maybe make you laugh as I teach myself how to be fashionable. I’ll also add some health and fitness related stuff in there and maybe some product reviews.

Time to head over to Insta and share day 1 and 2 of my 365 Challenge.

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