Make a Thrift List

In my last post about purging and organizing, I recommended making a list of the items you needed once you had given your closets the once over. Pull that list out—you may need to make some edits.

In the days when my thrift trips were more like sporadic events and outings with my friends, shopping was a free for all. I grabbed anything and everything. I’m pretty sure I donated a lot of those purchases back after they sat in my closet taking up space for years. Now that I go on a regular basis, having a list and focus can be super important. (And easier on the budget.)

I have a couple thrift lists that I keep floating in my head—and then I forget what they are. So I have been using the notes app in my phone to keep a running list of the things I want and the things I need—oh and a wish list. Having a list is especially helpful when you are just stopping in the thrift store with limited time. It keeps you focused and looking in just a few areas rather than going rack by rack.

Let’s start with your need list. It’s exactly that—the items you need. Right now my need list consists of business clothing such as dress pants and blouses. To be more specific, modern fit dress pants with a tapered/skinny ankle and solid color blouses.

My want list consists of fun items. If I come across something on the list that is good quality and the right price, then I will snatch it up. My list consists of items like overalls, athletic clothing, art, picture frames, purses, etc. The want list feeds almost directly into my wish list. My wish list is made up of mostly brands rather than specific items.

I recently scored a jean vest that had been on my want list for months. I’ve already embellished it to my liking. Again—it was on my list for months because I was looking for just the right vest.

It’s time to make your lists!

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