Thrifting for the Right Reason

5D978355-2C7D-458B-B9EA-F7D8518BF598I went strong on my blog when I was fully committed to losing weight and reaching my health goals. I posted weekly meal plans and gave the run down on each meal or new recipe I tried. And then I reached my goal. And posting the weekly plans and talking about the same food just got bland. And I fizzled out. And I took time off. And I tried to come back. And here I am again.

The last few years, I have really amped up my love of thrifting. Even when I was a child or teen, I loved the excitement of a cheap and unique score at the thrift store. I only went a couple times a year. It was almost more of a novelty back then.

Fast forward to my early 30s. Constant weight gain and low esteem lead me back to the thrift store. I didn’t want to spend money on new clothes because clothes didn’t make me happy like they once had. I’d buy clothing from Goodwill because it was name brand and it fit me. Somewhere in there, I lost my sense of style and that made me feel even worse.

Then I went through my weight loss journey. I’d be stuck at a size for a couple months and then skip a size completely. The seasons would change and I literally didn’t have a single pair of pants that fit me. So I was back to the thrift store. I needed some interim clothes until I reached my goal weight.

Something happened though. I started to dress for my body and started to develop a style. Clothes were fun again. And this is when I started to get really good at thrifting. I also frequented the local thrift stores, going at least once a week.

I researched my favorite brands, brushed up on lesser known boutique brands and went crazy rebuilding my wardrobe. And I bought stuff just because of the tag. I bought pieces that were once and done. I just bought to buy. It was an addiction.

And then I started to get smart about my thrifting. I look for quality pieces that can be mix and matched with other items. I look for pieces that don’t date themselves. I don’t purchase fast fashion. I also keep my closet on a constant rotation, pulling the lesser worn items at the end of the season so they can be replaced.

What do I do with all the stuff I pull and rotate out? I resell it on Poshmark and I keep the cycle going. My Poshmark money is my thrifting money. It also keep clothes out of landfills.

Throughout the years, I have developed some thrifting strategies. I even research what other thrifters do. I share my outfits. I have week-long secondhand challenges. I take my friends thrifting and watch as they fall in love with the hunt. I personal shop for some friends and help them build wardrobe capsules.

But people just keep asking me how I do it. What do I do? What’s my method?

The more I answered questions and offered to take people thrifting, the more I thought about how I should just transition my blog focus—because I pay for it and it just sits here. Seriously? I’m an idiot for not sharing this story as it happened. Instead, I get to share what I have learned. So be on the lookout. Shout out some topics. Let’s do this.

PS: I’m maintaining my health. My nutrition isn’t perfect. I am three pounds from my goal weight. I workout at least five times a week. The stress of moving and trying to get a house put together has taken its toll on me. I struggle every week to find my routine and get my groove back. To push myself, I am setting a new goal weight and going to try to do a cut before my 20-year high school reunion at the end of July. Wish me luck!

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