Fuel Your Passion

One of my latest My Magazine Sharing Kroger Missions was all about Kroger Fuel Points.

Here are the details:

Your Mission:

Follow the “route” below to earn your fuel points and the “Fuel Your Passion” Mission Badge:

  1. Keep an eye out for an email with instructions on how to claim your first 100 Fuel Point offer for joining this Mission.
  2. You’ll also be receiving an email with a shareable fuel points offer. Forward the exclusive email offer to one lucky friend or family member — allowing them to get 100 Fuel Points, too! Remember, the offer can only be redeemed once — and points must be claimed by September 30.
  3. Use the Sharing Tools below to share how much the Kroger Co. Family of Stores Fuel Program saved you at the pump.
  4. Snap a pic when you’re hitting the open road and upload it using the Sharing Tools to earn an additional 200 Fuel Points — be sure to include the appropriate hashtags: #KrogerCo #FuelPointsForDays #Ad #MyMagazineSharing

If you shop at Kroger, then you should be using Fuel Points. I mean why wouldn’t you? You can save so much. Points can be used in a large lump or spread throughout the month. I like to use the one-time large discount because I don’t like risking not using my points.(Points do expire—make sure you read up on all the exact details of the program.) I don’t always get gas at Kroger because I am on the road for work quite a bit. (There isn’t usually a Kroger right off the highway when you’re in the middle of nowhere.)

I always make sure I check for the bonus points coupons. You can even take the survey on your receipt to earn bonus points. Let your cashier or bagger shine with a great review while you earn points for cheaper gas. It takes like five minutes. I even have friends who purchase gift cards to go shopping or out to dinner so they can earn double points. Gift cards are also a great way to budget and plan date nights…

Anyhoo, I’ll let the photo I included speak for itself.

#ad #FreeSample

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