Ripple Milk Review

Another MyMagazine Sharing Network Mission. This time it’s Ripple Milk.

What is Ripple Milk?

“Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk is a smart and delicious choice to use anywhere you enjoy milk: in cereal, in coffee, in a glass or even in a recipe. It’s free from the top eight allergens, full of protein…and the best part? It tastes delicious.

The secret to the pure flavor is Ripptein™. Ripple uses a patent-pending natural method to harvest ultra-clean protein from peas. The result is a pure, clean taste with a smooth, rich texture.” -From MyMagazine Sharing Network website.

What came in my Ripple Milk Mission Kit?

  • ONE (1) Free Coupon for ONE (1) 48 oz. Ripple® Nutritious Pea Milk
  • THREE (3) Pass-along Coupons for $1.00 off ONE (1) 48 oz. Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk

Let me start by saying I was equally intrigued and horrified. I like trying milk substitutes that are healthy. I don’t have any milk allergies, lactose issues or dietary restrictions to worry about other than a tiny bit of bloating sometimes. I love dairy, but alternatives that have added protein and are naturals are always a plus. (Gotta boost that protein intake to get muscles and repair them.) Why was I horrified? I HATE PEAS!

Good news! Ripple Milk does not taste like peas. It doesn’t quite taste like milk either. Close. It’s smooth but a little powdery in texture. I’m not sure it’s something I would drink plain by the glass, but I did try it that way initially.

I use almond milk in my daily protein shakes after I workout. Milk is too heavy and water is too light. Ripple Milk passed the protein shake test. I tasted no difference in my end result. Next I tried it in my coffee. I didn’t taste much of a difference. It would pass.

Overall, I think it’s a great alternative to milk. The downside would be the price. This stuff is expensive. I would not have tried it had I not received a coupon for a free sample. In the future, I would purchase if the price was right either through coupons or specials.

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