Just Checking In…Week 7: Insanity Max

It’s been a little while since I actually wrote about my workouts and meal planning. It’s not so much that I am trying to get away from doing that, it’s just that I have other things I want to share on my blog. I am planning on setting aside more time in 2018 for my blogging. I already have some plans to refresh my home page a little and some projects to share that are long overdue.

Somehow I survived the holidays by only gaining a pound. And somehow that pound turned into two. Only I can feel like I had a great week of workouts and food and gain a pound…I guess it’s that pizza bloat getting the best of me.

While everyone is prepping and raving about starting 80 Day Obsession, I’ll be finishing the last two weeks of Insanity Max:30. I kind of like the late start to a brand new program? Why? Less chance of the server being overloaded and any other bugs. Plus I can read up on some feedback from those who started before me. And I started Insanity Max, so I’m going to finish it—all of it.

I have been really trying to focus on my meal planning and sticking to it. I’d say I am good until the weekend or that mid week slump. No amount of planning or prepping seems to get me through it. That just means I need to hunker down and motivate myself to overcome temptation. I can do this!

I have to say that I don’t remember Insanity Max being so hard. But I also think I am really trying to take it to a higher level this time around. Hopefully my end results speak for themselves. It has been a much needed challenge. When Chris and I first started, I don’t think he thought he would get through the first week, but here we are in week seven and he’s still going strong. The weight is still super slow for him. I’m not sure what I am missing or how to help with that. But his clothes are getting looser and I think that is becoming a great motivator for him. I’m not sure how he will like 80 Day Obsession. Since most of the workouts are an hour, he’ll have to bow out at the halfway mark in order to get to work on time. (And no, neither on of us wants to get up any earlier than we already do. Ha!)

So let’s talk about this week’s food a little because I had to make some modifications to a couple recipes. Oh and you’ve probably noticed that I am pulling most of my recipes from Fixate. I love Autumn and Bobby’s recipes! They are always easy and always tasty!

I’ll start with the pancakes. I don’t have vanilla protein powder so I did sub that for chocolate. I also hate pears so I went with the banana suggestion. And I also didn’t have coconut flour so I used whole wheat flour. (This makes them not so gluten free and this adds a yellow container to this meal.) The final product was pretty tasty. I placed my bananas in the pancakes as they cooked. I did find the pancakes just a little dry. Next time I make them, I think I’ll mash the bananas up a little in the batter to add some moisture. I decided to make a double batch since we’ll be out of town next week. That’s me thinking ahead…

The Mexican Tortilla soup was super easy to make. I made a Mexican Gumbo last week that used basically the same base (only loaded with chilis and peppers). I like to layer the flavors in my gumbo so I don’t put any of the rice, beans or meat in the actual soup. Instead, I layer each and put the soup on top with some pico, avocado and sour cream. Anyway, the base was the perfect starter for the tortilla soup. I sauteed a little onion, the carrots, celery and a clove of garlic the added the soup base, a little more broth and the chicken. My soup has a little more chicken than the recipe calls for because I had a little left from the rotisserie chicken I bought and decided to go for it. I skipped the blending and tortilla part. I don’t like that part of the soup. I’ll serve it to my husband with a few tortilla chips to break up into it. The flavor is pretty fantastic though and perfect for this cold weather.

To save time and effort on the meatballs, zoodles and sauce, I bought an organic low sugar sauce. But if you have the time for the homemade then make it.

My favorite item this week is the Almond Chocolate Protein Squares. These babies are more like dessert than a snack. I made mine with chocolate protein powder, rolled oats and peanut butter. Hey, it’s what I have on hand. I pulsed the rolled oats a little first to break them down. I’d say it worked pretty well. I’m going to have to ration these guys out or I’ll want one every day!

Insanity Max-Week 7

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