Time to Cleanse

The battle with food continues. Why oh why have the last few months been so hard? Instead of my solid 80-20 eating, I am falling to 70-30 or even 60-40. I just crave crap all the time—or do I? I think I crave easy and sometimes I am lazy. And I think I may have gotten sucked into all things fall. Let’s be real—fall is delicious! Fall is also cooler so maybe my body is trying to pack on some insulation. No body!! I don’t want your fat insulation!

When I get off track and cravings start to win, I go on a juice cleanse. It’s a nice little reset and always seems to help. So, that’s happening this week. I am going to try to go four days. Now, when I am on a juice cleanse, I typically have my healthy snacks and eat a smaller or lighter version of dinner. But don’t worry, I created an entire plan because my husband is not into juicing.

Week Start Oct 28

Clean Banana Bread: I’m skipping the nuts and subbing butter for coconut oil. And making muffins…

Yeah—Saturday and Sunday are highlighted and mostly emptied. We were out of town.

And guys!! Just three weeks left of P90X3.


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