Who Wants Meatloaf?

I’m feeling a little burnout and tired lately. When I start to feel like this, that’s when it’s super important to simplify everything or I will fall off track. I really want to stay on track because I’ve hit a sweet spot in the last week or so and got over a small hump to drop a couple more pounds. Chris is riding that wave as well. Results are super motivating!! Being so close to a goal is even more motivating. I’m so close to that goal that I am already thinking of my next one.

Speaking of Mr. Chris—we are about to start our second transition week for P90X3, which means we are a week aways from completing our second month. Workouts missed this month: None!

And onto food.

Breakfast: My favorite weekend staple, duh. It’s getting cooler so I need some warmth and a dash of pumpkin. We’ll get both of those this week. I’m going to use the banana apple muffin recipe but swap the bananas out for a little pumpkin puree and applesauce (for sweetness). I’m also going to add 2 tablespoons of honey to make up for some of the loss of sweetness due to the bananas. And then I’ll add a dash of pumpkin pie seasoning. The rest of the recipe I’ll follow as is. Hopefully it works. Lol! And then it’s oatmeal and berries. You could also add apples to your oatmeal. Oatmeal has a lot of possibilities…you could mix the creamy part of the quinoa porridge with it, add a packet of sugar free hot chocolate, nut butter, protein powder…endless possibilities—just keep them healthy and low on the sugar.

Lunch: Chris is on the go right now with work and I’ll have some meetings as well so sandwiches/wraps work really well. Lunch is also where I am going to make things really easy this week. You could cook up your own quinoa and add some black beans, kale, corn and tomatoes (and that would be ideal and way healthier) or you can get the frozen version from Costco. It’s a little high in sodium, but it works. I added some lightly seasoned rotisserie chicken and hot sauce/sriracha to mine.

Dinner: Just one new recipe to share this week and it’s for meatloaf. Find it below with the meal plan.

Snacks: Here’s the fruit and nut mix—yeah it’s from Costco: Fruit Fusion Super Berry


Week Start Oct 13


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