Yeah It’s October 11, But Here’s the Plan for Week of October 7

Yeah—I’m late on getting this posted, but hey, life happens and I’m ok with that.

Chris and I had a quick visit to Indy to have dinner with his mom and attend the Colts game on Sunday. It wasn’t so much the game we were there for, at least for me, it was to see the #18 jersey get retired. #ThankYouPeyton

So, that’s part of the reason I am a little late on this. I’ll also blame work being  a little busy.

This is week 7 of P90X3. We are still going strong and are seeing some great results this week. Both of us thought the scale was lying—like lying a lot! We’re both down and counting. I am just three pounds away from my year-end weight goal.

Speaking of that weight goal, I know I said I would write a blog about my year of health. I’m working on it. And someday I’ll also get that whole purse rehab post done as well.

As always, I’m keeping it simple this week.

Breakfast: My two standbys—yogurt with berries and wheat toast with almond butter and berries.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich/wrap and Eggplant Cannelloni 

Dinner: Eggplant Cannelloni and pork verde. The pork verde was made with some leftover smoked, pulled pork and fresh peppers and tomatillos in the crock pot. It’s so good! Everything else is simple and basic.

Week Start Oct 7

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