Two Weeks Out and Back On

I was in Florida last week for work so there was no Meal plan for the week we’re finishing up. Now the hubs is out of town so I’ve just been finishing off some odds and ends in the fridge. I’ll just call it a purge week—and what’s great about that is I cut down on food waste.

So Florida…I actually did pretty well. I decided not to record what I was eating in My Fitness Pal and to allow myself to indulge. I got up every morning and did my workout with the exception of awards day because that is like its own workout. I also ran a mile after a couple of my workouts because I knew I wanted dessert and that mile was totally worth it. I brought some healthy snacks with me, which certainly helped with fostering good food decisions. I’d say I had a successful week and came home even on my weight.

This week I may have had a few indulgences. But again-I am maintaining. I stopped by my local 5-Star Nutrition to find out my body fat percentage and to compare some of their products to what I am currently using. I was a little bummed that my body fat percentage was a little higher than expected. I am at 28 percent and would like to get down to 20 percent so the muscles I am working on can really start to shine. My overall muscle mass was pretty good though—at least according to the guy going through all the numbers with me. I am at just under 55 percent. So…looks like the six pounds to my final goal may have just been upped to about 10. I can do this. I can lose 10 more pounds.

Chris and I did start the second month of P90X3. We’re still going strong. He’s down almost five inches and I am down three and a half. I really love the change I have seen in him and the energy he has. I’m predicting good stuff on the horizon!

I needed some meal inspiration so I watched a little more Fixate on Beachbody On Demand. Thought I’d try a few recipes that may inspire some cooler weather.

Breakfast: I’m keeping my weekend classic of eggs, bacon and an English muffin along with yogurt and berries. (I have a lot of yogurt in the fridge still.) I am trying something new: Creamy Quinoa Porridge. I’m hoping it’s like oatmeal. (Photos and review to come.)

Lunch: Sunday and Monday’s dinners will become lunch for the week. This cuts down on prep time and makes my life a lot easier. I’m going to try out two Fixate recipes for enchiladas and some mac and cheese. I am going to add a full veggie and protein serving to that mac instead of a half.

Dinner: Fixate turkey sloppy joes. I’ll likely have mine as lettuce wraps. The rest of the week is basic with a protein and a veggie. The meal plan isn’t perfect, but it’s close enough.

Week Start Sept 30

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