My Plan for the Week of September 9

Anyone else get in food ruts? Because I sure do. What’s easy gets old after a while. At the same time though, I keep easy around because, well, it’s easy. How to change-up easy? That’s was my quest when I was creating my meal plan for this week.

But first—updates!

Chris and I just started our third week of P90X3. We haven’t missed a single workout and are really enjoying working out together. I actually don’t mind getting up earlier and have found so much more energy and focus. (I do get a little tired of Tony Horton and his constant talking-maybe because I am now hearing it for the third time and can finish his sentences…) Oh-and I am back to my September goal weight minus one! It’s amazing what happens when I hunker down and stick to the plan.

I have discovered Fixate on Beachbody OD. I kind of love it. It’s a cooking show hosted by Autumn Calabrese and her brother Bobby. This is where I got all my inspiration for meals this week. The videos are short and the meals are quick and easy. I have shared a few of the recipes in the recipe section of my blog.

I have been craving some muffins so I thought I’d give the Banana Apple muffins a try. I’ve never cooked with almond flour and liked the unexpected nutty bite it gave the muffins. You can swap the apples out for different fruits or even some chocolate chips. This recipe is so basic and easy. I feel like I must find a way to incorporate pumpkin into it. Stay tuned for that experiment.

I’m going to skip the other breakfast for a second and jump to the Southwest Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers. I enjoyed this variation of stuffed peppers. It was hearty and filling. I actually could only eat half of a pepper before I felt stuffed. Now what I liked about this meal, is the leftover pepper will not get lost in the back of the fridge and wasted. It’s going to be the main ingredient for breakfast.

And onto that frittata. This is the easiest thing you’ll make this week. And who doesn’t like meals that help the next meal? Did that make sense? I made the breakfast frittata even easier by purchasing a large container of egg beaters. All I had to do was cut that pepper up, poor in the egg beaters and pop it in the oven. The serving sizes are huge too! More than enough to keep you full to power through the morning.

Let’s talk lunch now. I know, I’m all over the place. So, we have the oh so basic and easy turkey lettuce wraps. I added a little stone ground mustard to mine for an extra punch of flavor. I make Chris a sandwich or use a low carb tortilla to wrap it in. I have to get my veggies in so I also have some cucumber and carrots with humus.

Because I am keeping with this simple but different theme, I made BBQ chicken sliders too this week. I had half a container of rotisserie chicken from Costco in the freezer and decided to thaw it and throw it in the crock pot with some organic, low sugar, blah, blah barbecue sauce. I let the sauce cook into the already cooked chicken for a few hours and transferred to an airtight container. I’ll have mine as little lettuce wraps but I’ll serve Chris’ on a whole wheat/whole grain slider bun/roll. Wait-this might be the easiest meal this week.

And one last new item to address—pumpkin energy bites. YUM! Ok so the grocery store didn’t have the hazelnut extract so I may have added a smidge of Nutella to the recipe. (So less maple syrup to compromise or something like that.)

The rest is all for you to figure out—I think you get it though.

Almost forgot—Week Start Sept 9


And the one-year weigh in is next week! EEK!!

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