Meal Plan Week Start August 12 and 19

Last week was insanely busy and followed by a weekend out of town. That means you are getting this week’s meal plan a little late, but I am throwing in next week’s early. Warning—I’m back on a bento box kick. They’re the easiest and I love that you can just graze on them. Things are pretty busy at work. Once everything has settled, I’ll change up the meal plans a little—and I’ll introduce some fall foods. Yum!

How about a little update? Despite my struggles to stay on my weekly plans, I have been really good with my workouts and I am officially down 30 pounds! I’m down the 30 and I did it just shy of my one-year goal. Let me just tell you how motivating that is. When September 19 rolls around, I’ll have a blog chocked full of the details and reflection. Until then, I am moving towards my December goal. I just have six more pounds I’d like to lose and I’d like to continue building these pretty muscles I am starting to get. Uh-I want that six pack. And of course, that all starts in the kitchen.

I have just two weeks left of Hammer and Chisel. I have super duper enjoyed this program. Every day is something different. Guess I need to decide what the next program is. Maybe I’ll check out Body Beast. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyhoo…here are the meal plans mentioned above. Again-nothing new, nothing exciting. I promise to change it up soon!!

Here are the links to the bento box ideas: PB Banana or Crackers and cheese (swap egg for some chicken)

Week Start August 12

Week Start August 19 (please note I made some updates to this)



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