Meal Plans for July 29 and August 5

Summer is trying to sabotage me!! Or maybe I am just doing it to myself. June and July have been hard. I have let my sweet tooth come back into my daily life along with adult beverages and food temptation.

On a more positive note, I have been killing my workouts—weekends included. I think I missed three for the entire month and one of those was because I had a bout. I could have let my ankle injury be an excuse, and instead, I used it to push myself even harder. I managed to end the month down one pound and shaved four inches from my measurements. I’ll take it, but if I want those abs and definition, I need to get my eating back in check. I can’t get myself in maintenance mode until I reach my goals.

Speaking of those goals… Last September I started my journey. I took small steps from September to December and set larger goals once 2017 started. In September, I set two goals: 1.) Change to a healthier lifestyle 2.) Lose 30 pounds. I am pretty confident I will reach both of those goals in the next month. I am one pound shy of that goal and feel like I have more than changed my lifestyle for the better. I mean, I can’t start the day without a workout now. Before it was all excuses.

And where am I at on those 2017 calendar year goals? Well, I think I am actually on track. I’ve focused on my health and my numbers with the doc have improved, I look and feel better, I am happier…I am also pretty close to reaching that 130-pound goal—like seven pounds away from it!! But health wasn’t the only goal I set, so it’s time to maybe work on those other goals like reading more, writing, sewing and getting out more.

So in August my goal is to get my focus back on nutrition. I am posting this week’s plan a little late, but I am also posting next week’s plan. I know work is going to be crazy so if I can get ahead, then I will have a better chance at success. You’ll see that I am doing a juice cleanse next week. I feel like I need a little three-day reset. Gotta get rid of those sugar cravings. (And yeah—this week’s plan is pretty similar to last week. Hey, I had coupons and bought enough for two weeks.)

July Progress: Down one pound and four inches
2017 Overall Progress: Down 18 pounds and 38 inches

Week Start August 5

Week Start July 29

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