Meal Plan for Week Start July 22

So yeah—no meal plan posted last week and this one was a few days late. Life gets crazy busy sometimes.

Last weekend I had an away bout in Paducah, KY. I also had a really busy week at work so I just couldn’t get to creating a meal plan. Does that mean I just blew it that week? Of course not. I did a combo of freestyle prepping and just pulled an old meal plan. I wanted to get my fridge emptied out before going out of town for a meeting Thursday then camping throughout the weekend. As you can see, that’s two back-to-back busy weekends.

I do have to share that I packed healthy snacks for my derby travel weekend-but we stopped for every meal and there may have been giant cookies and barbecue involved. It was worth it. As for camping, other than some beverages, I did really well with food.

I am still following the Hammer and Chisel program. I really enjoy this program. It was just what I needed to change things up. It is also easier to do with my recent ankle injury. (Roller derby-it’s not broken) My 21 Day Fix shirt came in the mail as well. It feels so good to stick to and complete a program. I an hoping to have some good end of month photos next week.

No let’s talk about this week…

It’s a simple week and a combo of two older meal plans. I didn’t have time to search for any new meals and needed a quick grocery trip.

Week Start July 22

You’ll see that I added brats to the list. I buy the healthy ones…you know what I’m talking about. I also skip the bun. (My husband does not.) Everything else should be pretty self explanatory but shoot me an email should you have questions.

Have a great week!

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