July 1-Meal Plans and Goals

Guys! Can you believe it’s July already? What’s the deal 2017—You’re moving so fast!

Anyone else struggle to stick with their meal plans and healthy choices in the summer? I am struggling. Friends, warm weather and cookouts certainly make it hard. Not to mention pizza and tacos. I think my body has gone into maintenance mode. Thankfully, I’m sticking to working out at least four days a week.

We are now more than half way through the year and it’s time to revisit the goals we set back in January. I typically skip my weekend workouts and I think I’m going to really try to push through and follow the full program. And that means it’s time to pick my next program. It’s also time to really stick to those meal plans and get back to better choices for those cheats…and less sugar, sigh. One other goal, perhaps a newer one, is to work on my mental health. I’m pretty hard on myself, I’ve been stuck in some negativity lately and I’m homesick. It all starts to compound after a while and it really just sucks the life from me and then I self sabotage. That is not healthy. So, I’m back to working on being more positive. I need to tell myself the good things I do and I need to get myself out there and involved so I’m not as homesick.

First of all-the buffalo chicken salad recipe from last week—I made a few changes. I did grilled chicken coated in the buffalo sauce and put it over zoodles. I then topped it with some yummy organic buttermilk blue cheese. (A little goes a long way.) This is now one of my new favorite meals! Super simple and super yummy. I struggle with veggies and zoodles are an easy fix for that issue!

You’ll notice I didn’t change breakfast or snacks. Like I’ve said before, I love this breakfast rotation and the snacks are easy. They can easily be substituted too. I also still had a lot of these grocery items on hand, so for the sake of keeping a good budget and not wasting good food, we keep rolling with it.

Week Start July 1

We’re going to have some Chicken Sausage and Zoodles. I am going to make a small adjustment and sub a can of organic crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce with Italian season in place of the pre made spaghetti sauce. I also use organic chicken sausage.

Next up is a burrito bowl. Hopefully it will curb my cravings for tacos. Instead of rice, I am going to add some spiraled sweet potatoes into the mix. Because I am making some chicken for a Saturday cookout (the plan says pork loin but I have a friend who is a chicken eater so…) I will just make some extra. Same with the corn. Cook up some extra and strip it off the cob. Guys-think ahead and you take some of the work out of the week. I also have some leftover poblano cream sauce-my new favorite topping-and I’ll top my bowls with that.

Dinners are grill-based and simple. The pork loin on Saturday is something I am picking up from Costco. They have these pork medallions already seasoned and ready to go. Throw them on some slider buns and it’s perfect for an evening cookout with friends. I picked up the salmon burgers at Kroger. The ingredient list was small so I thought I’d give it a try. Same with the Habanero Mango Tilapia-preseasoned, good nutrition label, ready to go!

I’ve got a few other blog posts in the works that are not related to meal planning. I’m going to finally give a step-by-step on my purse refurbishing. I’d also like to do some sort of thrift store dress for success challenge. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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