Week Start June 17

Shaun Week has been so much fun!!! I love the mix up from my regular routine. It has certainly been intense and challenging in all the right ways.

Monday I plan on trying out a new program that will be coming soon called Shift Shop. I have to say-I have never been excited about working out until the last few months.

Guys-I even went to Cross Fit last Saturday and it wasn’t awful. Well, there was running and that was pretty terrible, ok, not so bad.

Just finished up next week’s meal plan. I let the turkey provolone wraps carry over. They are kind of perfect and easy for the weather. Actually-a lot of stuff carried over. Sorry guys-I keep it easy and simple and make changes on the fly.

Here’s the plan: Week Start June 17

I am not putting the tally sheet up here. I think you guys should get it by now-I hope so. Ha! If you need it, just shoot me an email.

I am trying a new recipe though. The blackened chicken with poblano cream sauce. Sounds too good to pass up. I think I’ll have it with some zucchini.

Until next week!

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