Meal Plan Week Start May 27

How’s your week been so far? Mine has been ok. Wednesdays are always a tough day for me. It’s the day of the week when I want out of my office at lunch and have no desire to cook when I get home. Yeah-I had tacos for lunch, well, actually it was nachos. But-I kept it real with portion control. And I made dinner…I didn’t stick to the menu and opted for eggs, sausage and an english muffin. (Breakfast for dinner-better than ordering pizza.)

I’ve been reading up about cheat meals. You’ll notice I always pencil them in on the weekends although sometimes I switch them around during the week to fit our schedule. I read a lot of blogs are what not on the subject and stumbled upon this one called Cheater Cheater.

I always feel guilty when I have too many cheat meals in a week or what I consider a bad day-especially when I enter it all in My Fitness Pal and see the calorie total and there’s a big fat red number with a minus. Ew! But…I’m working hard and deserve treats. I’m working so hard that I have reached another weight loss milestone this week. I have finally gotten to 140 pounds. That’s 26 pounds down. I’m aiming for that 135 number next and then my final goal of 130. I’m so close!

Back to loving my treats. I guess I should have done more reading on the 21 Day Fix plan. Somehow I totally missed the part where I can replace carbs (yellow) with beverages or treats-three a week to be exact! So much guilt went away after reading that. I also found an app that tracks my containers. Glad I decided to really go deep into learning more about this program. And by program-I am using it to fill my body with better foods and eat the full portion so I am not accidentally depriving myself because that gets you nowhere fast.

So this week’s meal plan comes mostly from Beachbody. You can replace a protein snack with a Shakeology shake if you’re into that. I like beef jerky!

Week of May 27
week May 27 Tally Sheet
May 27 Meal Prep Plan and Recipes

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