Meal Plan Week of May 20

So how did everyone do on week 1 of 21-Day-Fix? I did ok. I got all my workouts in but I did slip and have pizza and tacos this week. Those two things are the what I always cave on. But I kept portions in mind. It’s the small wins!

Week Start May 20, 2017

May 20 Tally Sheet

I really enjoyed breakfast and all my snacks this week so I kept them the same. Sorry guys-simple and yummy wins!

I had some grapes and apples leftover, plus I loved that chicken salad-so I found a variation. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad served in lettuce cups. This one is more of a chicken salad. Yummo!

I am excited to try these Chicken Parm Wraps.  This week I’m going back to my Costco grilled chicken breast strips, but you can bake your own chicken or use rotisserie.

I’ll update soon with some photos!

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