Meal Plan Week of May 13

If you are a follower and were waiting on this week’s plan-my apologies! Roller derby sort of took over my weekend causing me to run a little behind. I also took some extra time in planning and double checking the tally sheets.

I started the Beachbody 21-Day-Fix program today. An integral part of the program is meal planning, colored food containers (servings) and tally sheets to get the right number of those containers/servings. Now that I am actually measuring my portions rather than just eyeballing them-I cannot believe how much food I get to eat!

So here is this week’s plan: Week Start 5:13 and the tally sheet for this week: May 13 Tally Sheet.

Let’s talk about lunch this week. Hope you’re craving chicken…

The seemingly never-ending rain caused me to have an abundance of lettuce in my garden, so I thought a nice salad would be perfect. I found this 21-Day-Fix chicken salad recipe and thought it sounded fresh and delicious. I bought a rather large rotisserie chicken, stripped it down to bones and decided chicken and steamed broccoli would also make a yummy and easy lunch. (That was a lot of ands in one sentence.)

Dinner continues to follow an easy plan of protein and veggie.

The tally sheets make meal planning both easier and harder. I have to really think about what’s in my food. The sheets make moving items around to fit your needs easier. For example-if you would like rice with your lunch or dinner, then you could cut the bread or cereal from breakfast and move your carb. If you need a fat or dressing for dinner, move it from one of your snacks.

My start of 21-day-Fix means my time with 22-Minute Hard Corps has ended. I didn’t see the big results I got with Insanity-but I also haven’t really been as good about my food during this program. I managed to lose about five pounds, gain some muscle tone and went down a size. All the motivation to keep going and reach my next goal!

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