Meal Plan Week Start April 29

I originally had this pegged as a repeat week. If you saw the original post-then you know what I am talking about. There wasn’t much to it. I decided that those who read and follow this deserve more.

I had an absolutely terrible week with food. I was in a lot of meetings and sometime my choices were good and sometimes not. Then the weekend hit and it was an all out cheat frenzy! You know what? This stuff happens. Just get right back on track and don’t use a bad week as an excuse to throw all your hard work out the door. Thankfully I still work out every morning and rotate derby practice and yoga in the evenings. Oh-and don’t forget those fun little challenge workouts. What am I getting at you ask? Being physical and working out helps me maintain so a few bad meals don’t derail all the progress I’ve made.

Week Start April 29

You’ll see that it’s always the same basic framework. I keep it simple so I stick to it. If you get tired of hard-boiled eggs, try egg whites and spinach cooked ahead of time in a muffin tin. Not feeling oatmeal or yogurt, change it up with a whole grain cereal topped with fruit and some coconut or almond milk. I switch between peanut and almond butter with my apple or swap that out with carrots and humus. (I just follow the basics of colored container eating-more on that is coming soon.)

For the sake of keeping things simple and easy, I picked up some precooked chicken crumble at Target. (You can always make your own and season accordingly. It’s just ground chicken browned on the stove.) I have some amazing lettuce in my garden so that will be the lettuce wrap part. I might just throw in a little cilantro from the garden as well. Shredded carrots and a dollop of sour cream or plain greek yogurt on top OR a squirt of Sriracha completes the wrap.

The chicken and black bean wrap is made of my favorite pre-cooked grilled chicken strips from Costco and Kroger’s organic spiced black beans. I had a couple of ears of corn that had been sitting in the fridge a tad too long so I cut the kernels from the cob and lightly cooked them. Thought it would add a little extra to the wrap. Oh and the wrap part-low carb spinach wraps (found with the tortillas at the grocery.)

As for those turkey burgers, I’ll be trying this recipe:

I’ll probably cut the breadcrumbs from it. Updates to come!

PS: If you’re interested in this month’s challenge workout, it’s all about yoga. Find it here:

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