Meal Plan for Week Start April 21

I survived the juice cleanse! Actually I lost a couple pounds and was able to curb my sugar cravings.

Week of April 22

Another pretty simple week of food. Hopefully you follow the plan better than I did. It wasn’t the best food week for me. I had some out of town meetings and the food options weren’t ideal but hey-moderation! I did add yoga to my daily lineup though so I am doing a 30 minute workout in the morning and 30 minutes of yoga in the evening. Not sure that’s going to burn off the chocolate moose cake I had tonight-but it was so good. Sometimes we need to indulge. Again-moderation.

Chicken wraps happen when you buy a lot of pre cooked chicken breasts strips from Costco. This week I made chicken bacon ranch wraps. I had a coupon for precooked bacon so that made it even easier. I give my husband real ranch dressing. In an attempt to make mine a tad healthier, I mix a little ranch dressing seasoning into some plain Greek yogurt. It does the trick.

Bento boxes this week had some of those chicken strips with a low sugar, organic BBQ sauce-oh and a mix of fruits and veggies.

Dinners were pretty much the same as well. It’s just too easy to pair a meat and protein. I did forego meat one evening for a big bowl of zoodles. I spiralized some zucchini and yellow squash then sauteed it in olive oil and minced garlic. But the most delicious part-I topped it off with some crumbled goat cheese. It was low calorie heaven.

Three weeks left in my Hard Corps program-then it’s 21 Day Fix. Be prepared for some stricter eating. Hoping that gets me over this two month plateau.

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