Meal Plan for Week Start April 15

I was freaking out a little this morning because I thought I had already gotten myself behind after just one week. Then I remembered that I am working a week ahead of myself on my blog. So what I eat this week is what the plan I post for next week is. Got that?

This is a unique meal plan. I haven’t been doing well on following my own plans and in the last two weeks have just about fallen off the healthy eating wagon altogether. I’ve had some wicked cravings for junk food and not enough stamina to walk away. Hey-it happens. At least I have still been working out. Walking away from both would most definitely undo all my hard work.

I’ve decided to do a three-day cleanse juice cleanse. I don’t have a juicer or the patience to juice. If you do-more power to you. In my world, I want it a little easier. So I grab the pre-made, cold pressed stuff-but not right away. I did a lot of research to make sure I was choosing the best cold pressed juices and not something disguising itself as healthy and natural. I drink Suja brand juices. What’s cool is this time around in my juice cleanse, I discovered that Suja actually has a three-day cleanse program. If you buy it outright as a program, it’s a little expensive. I mixed and matched my juices at the grocery store where I was able to use some coupons and buy some at a deep discount because they were approaching the expiration date. The Suja plan has you drink three 16 oz juices a day. The grocery store juices are 12 oz so you’d need four bottles a day. (I sip on the fourth one throughout the day when I feel a little hungry.) And don’t worry, I eat some small meals or snack in between.

The Meal Plan for Week Starting April 15 looks a little different because of the cleanse. I have created a basic meal plan and in purple is the cleanse plan. In blue is my derby night dinner option. And yup-bento boxes again!! I love these things and enjoy mixing and matching the contents each week. This week I am doing turkey and cheese rollups with lettuce, sliced strawberries and blue berries, and sliced red bell peppers with humus. For the chicken burritos, I grabbed the pre cooked chicken breast strips from Costco and mixed them with the spicy organic black beans (Kroger Simple Truth). Then I added some lettuce, tomato, cheese and a dab of sour cream. Dinners are pretty simple. It’s grill season after all, so I just get a protein and two veggies for each night. Slice up the veggies and toss in a little olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning, put them in some foil and throw on the grill.

Maybe next week I’ll try some spiralized cold salads…

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan for Week Start April 15

    1. Hi Mike! The first time I tried juicing, I felt like I was starving. I think it’s more of a mental hunger though. Mixing in snack sized meals does help-especially if you’re active. I’ll check your group out but have to say that I am no expert in nutrition. I don’t have any type of education. I just do a lot of reading and research.

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