Meal Plan for Week Starting April 8

I’m going to try hard to post weekly meal plans. No promises though because life gets busy, and you are all capable adults. (You can at least Pinterest search this stuff.)

A few things first…

I often repeat the same meals. Feel free to swap them out. I also keep food simple and try to keep it clean. I try to follow these servings each day: 4 proteins, 3 veggies, 2 fruit, 1 grain and 1 fat. But I am in no way perfect.

I start each day drinking a huge glass of lemon water with a tablespoon of apple cider in it. (Use Bragg’s Apple Cider!) I typically make lemon water in a sun tea jar each week by cutting and squeezing lemons and throwing it all in the jar with some water. Each evening, instead of a snack, I drink a glass of green mint tea. Google will tell you why all this stuff is healthy.

So-the meal plan for 4/8:

Weekends mean cheat days. I always make myself a yummy large breakfast. This means I don’t eat as much or heavy for lunch. I also don’t always have cheat meals. Sometimes I eat like I would the rest of the week. It just depends on the weekend.

Bento Box: There are dozens of variations of these on Pinterest. You’ll see them quite often on my meal plans-especially as the weather gets warmer. I will likely not include an exact recipe so I encourage you to get creative. Just keep it clean and healthy. I usually eat whole grain, organic crackers or chick pea crackers. (watch the salt!)

Chicken Wrap: Another item you’ll see a lot of. I look for whole grain, low carb, low sugar, etc wraps. Costco has some good ones. I’ll buy pre cooked chicken breast strips or bake/grill my own. I change up the rest of the fillings depending on my mood. Some days it’s shredded carrots and other veggies with feta and a low fat greek yogurt dressing or maybe lettuce with a caesar theme. The possibilities are endless. Just keep an eye on whatever dressing you use.

Dinner: Simple-a protein and a veggie or two. Sometimes I’ll have some pineapple as well. Bake it or grill it. You’ll notice that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a split menu. I have practice these nights so my dinner is usually a protein shake and some beef jerky or a fruit bar.

I have converted to mostly organic foods. I have switched over to turkey and chicken based sausages (with low nitrates). I keep my dairy and bread in check.

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