Because I Wanted To

For the last few years I think I tried just about everything to lose weight. I went through short bursts of healthy living but always fell back into old habits-and did so rather quickly. In August of 2016, I stood on the scale one morning after forcing the button on another pair of pants. The number I saw made me cry. I looked in the mirror and as the tears streamed down my face I decided I was done. I was done making excuses. I was done being tired all the time. I was done feeling like crap.

I went to my bookshelf and grabbed a book-a book a friend suggested I read-a book I had purchased and skimmed through months before. I sat down and read the book cover to cover. I highlighted passages, made notes and added some tabs for quick referencing. I ordered some vitamins. I made a workout calendar. I made my husband buy me some weights. I created a meal plan.

That book became my guide. That book was called ” This is Why You’re Fat” by Jackie Warner.

And on September 1, 2016, I set out to overhaul my health and hopefully my husband’s in the process.

I am down 21 pounds and 10.5 inches.

It’s been a long process. It’s been up and down. It hasn’t been perfect. It has a lot more to go.

Lately I have had multiple people ask me how I have lost the weight. What am I doing?

How? Well, the simple answer is because I wanted to. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be motivated. I wanted it.

So I ask you-how bad do you want it?

There is no magic pill or workout that did this. This was hard work and will continue to be. But it really does get easier.

So here’s a breakdown…

Meal Planning

Each Friday I create a plan for the following week. The plan includes Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. Each day I try to eat the following: 4 servings of protein, 3 veggies, 2 fruit, 1 grain and 1 fat. I planned for 1200 calories a day. I often hear that 1200 calories isn’t enough. Well, if you eat the right foods and have the fat to lose-you’ll be fine. I have recently upped my intake to 1500. The weekends are my cheat days and I aim for 2000 or less. Sometimes I meal plan and sometimes I don’t. Cheat days are the days that keep me from binging. I also try to avoid food with more than 5 grams of sugar in it during the week-with fruit being my only exception. I do sneak the occasional bite of chocolate. Add in a handful of supplements and at least 30 minutes of working out each day and that’s it.


I started using the exercises in the back of “This is Why You’re Fat” in combination with an app that let me create timed intervals. In November I got a free trial to Beach Body on Demand. And I was hooked. I started with Insanity Max 30 and used all the modifiers. I took it slow and didn’t even do it every day. I did commit to the full program the first of the year and completed it with amazing results. I am currently doing the hard Corps workout plus a daily challenge exercise a group of teammates and I do to keep each other motivated.

And that’s it. That’s what I do.

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