Meal Prep Week 26


I’m sorry I’m late to post this week. It’s been a crazy busy week for me. I haven’t been to the gym still. I’m not sticking to my meal plan very well. I think I have a bit of a solstice disorder. My motivation levels are at a low even though I couldn’t be happier. Time to start that accountability Facebook group asap!

Let’s talk some food, shall we?

A. Chili – My husband threw a large pot together on Sunday. It was a perfect afternoon football lunch. I have noticed that the spice factor has grown throughout the week making it even better. I may have topped some tortilla chips and added a little sour cream and cheese for some yummy nachos a couple times this week.

B. Chicken and Broccoli – We’ve had this before, many times so there isn’t much to say about it. However, I had a lot of the so-so jicama soup left over (my husband just wasn’t a fan), so I added a little of the chicken and broccoli to the soup to liven it up and not waste it. Worked for me.

C. Stroganoff – This is another recipe I’ve made before. I served it over rice. (Carbs!)

D. Fajitas – The slow cooker method was surprisingly good and super easy. Just don’t let it overcook or you’ll end up with a veggie mush.



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