Meal Prep Week 25


Today is my last day of the 24-Day Challenge. I want to reflect on it for just a moment. I lost a total of seven pounds. That’s not too shabby and is almost right in alignment with losing two pounds per week. I haven’t done my final measurements yet to see if I lost any inches. I’ll get those and photos tonight.

I wish I had an accountability group during this challenge. It would have ensured that my cheat weekends weren’t all-out food eating affairs. That’s where I failed at this challenge-the weekends. I carb loaded, ate sweets, overate and made terrible food decisions. During the week I did great! Another small fail was the lack of exercise. I really think the results would have been double had I been to the gym. Unfortunately, I was limited to physical activity because of vertigo. However, I was able to focus on my diet (except for the weekends) and I still lost weight.

My success in this challenge was in the cleanse phase. I was so strict with it and was able to go gluten free during it without skipping a beat. I lost a large chunk of my weight during that phase as well. My other success was in becoming carb aware. Eating low carbs and choosing the right ones so I could feel fuller longer and not cave to the munchies. Wish I would have stuck with that in the last week. It’s a learning experience. It takes a lot of willpower and thus energy to form new habits. They won’t magically happen, but if you stick with it even though your fails, you will succeed. I feel like every day, I learn and get better. Oh, one last success to the challenge-I feel great!! I have found that my energy levels have increased, my concentration is better and I am actually sleeping better. So, I count this as a win.

I have put together my November workout plan. I am so excited to be back in the gym. I’ve been thinking about forming a group on Facebook where we can push each other to do workouts, post our daily food diaries and share success while receiving encouragement for the hard days. Anyone interested? Just let me know.

And guys-no salad this week! I’m so over it!

A. Jicama Soup-I took my favorite potato soup recipe and swapped out the potatoes for jicama. According to the Internet, it’s a great way to make a potato recipe low carb. Jicama should cook up the same way potatoes do. WRONG! Jicama doesn’t get soft-ever. I ended up putting the entire soup mixture into the blender and ended up with a soup that had the texture of cream of wheat. The flavors were there but it was of a rice like texture. I was a little disappointed. Next time I’ll just do an extra workout so I can enjoy the carb filled potato version. Be careful how much sour cream you put in it as it is higher in fat. My Fitness Pal kept warning me of the fat content all over a little butter and sour cream. You can use reduced fat but it may curdle a little. You could also use coconut oil in place of butter. I topped my soup with a little shredded cheese and bacon. Chives would be a nice addition as well.

B. Chicken Sausage and Veggie Skillet-This is delicious!! I will be repeating it, often. I used a chicken andouille sausage that had some bite. To cut down on prep, I bought a meal/soup starter in the produce section at Kroger. It had onion, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and butternut squash all diced and ready to dump. Talk about a super easy meal to prep. I think I even saved money buying the pre-cut veggies. I added a little butter (again-sub with coconut oil) and garlic. I added cajun seasoning in place of salt and pepper and loved the kick of flavor it brought to the dish.

C. Portabella Pizzas-It’s no secret we love pizza at my house. It’s always a diet killer. But portabella pizzas are delicious, quick and easy. They are also low on carbs while being big on flavor. You can scoop a little of the middle out and mix with ingredients for a deep dish stuffed mushroom pizza (I like this method best!). I also place my portabellas in the oven for a few minutes before adding the toppings as I like mine well done. Kids also like this because they can make their own. It’s like they don’t realize what they are eating.

D. Pan Seared Tuna Steak with Choice of Veggie-Tuna ands swordfish steaks are a new staple at my home. I often find the fish steaks on sale at the grocery. People just don’t know what they are missing. We cooked these on the grill and treated the ingredients like a marinade. My veggie of choice was some grilled asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper.




Almost forgot to get a photo of the jicama soup. It tastes better than it looks. Ha!
Almost forgot to get a photo of the jicama soup. It tastes better than it looks. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Week 25

  1. I’ll be in your group! I AM your group! I’m going to be trying some low carb, vegan recipes. I’ll let you know how it goes. P.S. How do you pronounce “jicama?”

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