Meal Prep Week 23


I finished the first week of my 24-Day Challenge with what I would call some success. I’m six pounds down. I’ll gather the week one measurements and photos soon.

My venture into lower carb food is much harder than I thought it would be. Carbs are everywhere and it’s important to know the good from the bad and how to balance them. My carbs mainly came from sweets in the form of sugar. Being gluten free has also helped me cut out the other carbs that made up a high portion of my daily intake. I’ve managed to get my carbs down to about 30 percent of my overall daily intake.

Week 23 at a Glance

A. Salad – BLAH!

B. Cabbage Rolls – I made mine without rice (that whole cutting extra carbs thing). These cabbage rolls were just what I needed to kick off this cooler weather.

C. Zucchini Lasagna – I was so happy with the way this turned out. I sort of forgot the spinach but really didn’t miss it. The addition of mushrooms was a pleasant surprise. I made it extra meaty and hearty which was perfect for the crips evening we were having. We didn’t even miss the noodles although my husband suggested cutting the zucchini in the smaller rounds to make it easier to eat. I have to agree with him and will give it a try next time. Warning-this is a little watery because of the veggies.

D. Smothered Chicken – I haven’t made this yet this week but have made it in the past. It’s super delicious. It’s cheese covered chicken! You just can’t go wrong with that. I did do a little subbing though. In place of gruyere cheese I used swiss.


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