Meal Prep Week 22


After a weekend spent enjoying nothing but gluten and carbs and gaining weight, it’s time for real change. Today I started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. So far, so good.


My morning couldn’t have started better either. I had to get a health assessment at work so I am able to start my challenge armed with great information like cholesterol levels, BMI, blood pressure and more. Thankfully I’m healthy everywhere. However, I am overweight and could definitely work on my body fat percentage. It was all great information to fuel a successful challenge.

So what does a day on the challenge look like?

The first 10 days look a lot like this:
30 minutes before breakfast – Take Catalyst and ProBiotic. Drink a Spark.
Breakfast – Have breakfast (I made omelet muffins to eat this week as I am cutting carbs. You can also have a meal replacement shake. They taste great!) and fiber drink (I actually mix my Spark with my fiber drink then eat breakfast).
Snack – Berries for me
Lunch – Just check the schedule for that
30 minutes before afternoon snack – Catalyst and a Spark if needed.
Snack – Muscle Gain (This is what fuels my workouts and practices.)
Dinner – Check the schedule and take some OmegaPlex (I usually have my OmegaPlex at lunch with my multi vitamin…some people take it twice a day. It’s good stuff so why not!)
Snack – I typically nibble on some cheese.

The first 10 days are the cleanse phase so no sugar, alcohol and dairy in moderation. I am watching carbs and saying no to gluten. The 24 Day Challenge app actually keeps track for you and send reminders. It’s pretty handy. I’ll keep you updated on my progress each week.

So about that meal plan…

A. Salad! I know, salad again. Sorry, I’m really trying to kick start my system here. Feel free to swap this meal out for something else, but you know you want to suffer through salads with me.
B. Turkey Ball Wraps – Turkey balls are a great way to pack some protein and change up your menu. This is a new recipe I tried. It makes ALOT! I made my balls a little larger than suggested. Next time I may cut down the amount of soy sauce because it was definitely there. Overall though, this was easy to prepare, tasted pretty good when I sampled. Can’t wait to throw it in a wrap!
C. Shrimp with Bok Choy – I failed at finding shirataki noodles. Kroger didn’t have them. I decided to swap them out with rice noodles to keep it gluten free but those things are loaded with carbs. I’m going to have to hunt these shirataki noodles down. Kroger also didn’t have bok choy so I subbed in some kale. I’m not a fan of bok choy so the switch actually worked out quite well.
D. Broccoli Chicken – This is a pretty easy meal and it’s good. I mean, what’s not to like about it? Chicken, broccoli and cheese all wrapped up.






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