Meal Prep Week 20


Whoever said eating healthy was easy may have fibbed a little. Which leads me into the issue at hand-cheat days. I took the meaning of cheat days the last couple weekends to a whole new level and pretty much undid all the good I was doing during the week. Logging my calories at the end of Saturday wasn’t the prettiest of tasks. But, because I am logging and aware of what I am eating, I can make changes a little easier. It’s all about awareness. Saturdays will have to become strict leftover days. i mean, it’s a great way to clean out the fridge and ensure we are not wasting food. I think Sunday can still be a cheat day, but I need to tighten up those cheat day choices. OK, rant over.

How’s everyone doing with their workouts? I made it to the gym almost every day last week but had to skip the weekend thanks to a muscle injury caused by improper running. I could barely even walk. I have been making adjustments to my workout plan. I mean, who needs that much running?

This week you will notice that I have cut some carbs. I even gave up snacking on fruit in order to cut down on carbs that may be causing sugar spikes. I have replaced my snacks with proteins-hard boiled eggs, low carb protein bars (watch the sugar in those things too) and protein shakes. I’ve even started to add back some dairy like Greek yogurt and cheese snacks. (Sorry, you’ll never see me on a dairy free diet.)

I am looking for some high protein low carb meal ideas so email me if you have any:

A. Pesto Chicken and Broccoli: I usually make this meal with rice or orzo. This time I decided to dress the broccoli as I would the rice. It’s surprisingly zesty on the broccoli. I bet green beans or a small spinach salad would be excellent options to go with the chicken.

B. Salad: Do we need to really discuss this one? Ok, thanks. Well…that southwest salsa-the one with beans, corn, cilantro, etc is pretty fantastic on salad. Just saying.

C. Shrimp and Green Beans: Since the weather is still being kind, I skipped the pan cooking and grilled the shrimp. This was a surprisingly quick meal to make…of course I had it prepped for cooking ahead of time.

D. Mustard Balsamic Pork Chops with Veggie of Choice: Again, because the weather is warm, I opted to marinate my pork chops in the mixture. (um, I had them in there for a day.) Then I grilled them until they were done along side some lightly seasoned zucchini from the farmers market. It was pretty darn good!


More photos to come!

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