Meal Prep Week 19


I prepped like crazy Sunday! I’m tired of dipping my toes and ready to just jump back in. I have a goal to reach and doing things half way is not going to get me there.

Being back in the gym was a little rough. I’m so angry with myself for taking a four month gym from diet and exercise because it’s like starting all over again. My mile is slower and harder. My workouts look weak. I’m winded and tired. BUT, I am doing it and in no time I’ll be back to where I was and from there I will just get better. We all have setbacks. Focus on the comeback!

This week’s lunches are light and dinner’s protein packed!

A. Tilapia, Rice and Broccoli: This is a pretty straight forward meal. I cooked my broccoli with my fish rather than cook in a separate pan that would have to be cleaned later.

B. Chicken and Veggies: Another easy, one-pan meal.

C. Pork and Veggies: Sometimes when I get pork tenderloin, I get sick of it after a couple days. This time around, I cut the tenderloin in half and grilled the one half and popped the other half in the crock pot with some cleanish BBQ sauce and made pulled pork. Instead of bread, I’m going to have my pulled pork in a tortilla. This is a prefect Monday Night Football meal. I did roasted zucchini and squash with the grilled tenderloin. Anyone have tips on preventing roasted veggies from just getting mushy? The pulled pork will get served up with some corn on the cob.

D. Stuffed Green Peppers: I love this meal! I actually cut the green peppers in half and make boats. It seems to cook more evenly this way. I also got four meals out of two peppers. (The Farmers Market had some pretty large and amazing produce this weekend!)





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