Sometimes Your Life Gets Flipped, Turned Upside Down

Welcome back to the life of blogging-thanks!! It’s been a while. And like always, my apologies. I’m in a way better place now and excited to be filling my free time with meal planning, meal prepping, working out and much much more. That free time is now much more precious and planned than it was last time I was actively blogging.

Months of unemployment really got to me. Hats off to the homemakers and stay-at-home moms and dads. I like to get out of the house and desperately needed purpose. I think that was really starting to show in my last few blogs.

My life has had some pretty drastic changes since then-and all of them for the better. I finally got a job, and as soon as I fell in love with all the wonderful people there, I had to leave. My husband got promoted and a new adventure was getting ready to start. In a two-month period, I quit a job, got a new one, sold a house, bought a new one, packed all my stuff, left Indiana and embarked upon a life in Illinois. Did you get all that? Yup. It’s been a whirlwind summer.

I miss my friends who are a little farther away now, but I know where they are, we talk and I couldn’t be happier in the direction of my life. And part of that direction is getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle including better eating and exercise for not just me but my husband.

I am back to the tedious process of meal planning and prepping. I actually got sick of all the eating out that comes with a move. But easing back to cleaner eating and prep hasn’t been easy. I am actually in week three of it. I needed time to see what worked for us and our schedule. Cutting calories and completely changing your lifestyle isn’t easy. It’s ok to take some transition time if it means a better chance of success in the future.

To help me reach my health goals with weight and muscle tone, I have added AdvoCare products to my life. I’ve gone from coffee and soda almost daily to making those items a treat. I’ve replaced them with Spark. I drink meal replacement shakes almost daily. Most importantly, I’ve added some much needed vitamins and supplements to my diet. My husband and I both noticed a difference in the way we were feeling and love it. If you’re interested in any of the products, check out my page on the AdvoCare site.

But food and supplements, of course, aren’t enough. We have gym memberships! Going to the gym to get on a routine was a struggle as well. Next week I am starting a nine week workout program that I put together using other plans. (Man I love Pinterest for developing workout plans.) If you’re interested in what my plan is, check it out. Modify and make your own!

I am not a trainer or certified in any type of fitness teaching, nutrition, etc. so always consult a doctor to find an overall health plan that works for you.

Glad to be back. Send me some recipes!




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