Meal Prep Week 17

After months on hiatus, I have finally returned. I’ll post a full explanation later. For now, I think I should just get back to posting some meal plans. You’ll notice I made some minor adjustments to my plan. Don’t worry, there’s still a calendar plan, grocery list and recipes. All is good in that part of the world.

You’ll notice I have a shake listed for breakfast. I have decided to dive into the world of AdvoCare and LOVE their Meal Replacement Shakes! (

Let’s get to it!


A. Cajun Jambalaya
This is an old favorite. I do stray from the directions a tad in that I make the entire meal on the stovetop. Someday I might try this one on the grill in the foil packets. If you’re going to do it on the stovetop, it’s all about layering the ingredients based on cook time. I started with a little olive oil and cooking the chicken breast. I then added the onion, green pepper and garlic. After a couple minutes I added the tomato, broth, rice and any seasoning and let that cook about five minutes before adding the sausage and shrimp. Keep an eye on those shrimp because they will cook rather quickly and you don’t want them to get all rubbery.

B. Southwest Meatball Skillet
I found this recipe because I needed a variation of burrito bowls, which just happen to be my husband’s new favorite thing to eat. Instead of making meatballs, I cut the eggs and breadcrumbs from the recipe and just browned the ground turkey and added everything else as directed. In the future, the broth is totally not needed. It turns the meal almost into soup. It’s too much liquid so I would cut that in the future. I just served this over some rice. (If you drain it, I’m sure the filling would be great in a burrito. Add a scrambled egg for a great breakfast variation.)

C. Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes
Sometimes you have to read the directions a little more carefully-as in I added the onion to the blender mixture. I’m not sure that was a bad thing though. I’d cut some of the water from the blender mixture if you want a chunkier sauce/chicken coating. A teaspoon of balsamic wasn’t quite enough. Maybe add a tablespoon or two depending on your personal taste. Overall, this was pretty good but seemed to be missing something. I had just enough goat cheese left to melt on top of one piece of chicken and used some mozzarella on the rest. (not pictured) It says to serve over rice, but I found this to be plenty for dinner.

D. Drilled Bruschetta Chicken
So this was pretty similar to the other chicken dish. What can I say? I have so many tomatoes right now and love the vinegar tomato mix on top of chicken and salmon.

Bonus Dinner: Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos
Let me just say that it would be ok if you didn’t add all the garlic and/or green onion. However, if you are hoping to ward off vampires for the next three days, then go for it. This recipe is delicious. The sauce has bite. Just make it! I opted to grill the shrimp and the tortillas.




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