Meal Prep Week 16


I know, I am getting worse and worse about getting my blogs up in a timely matter. This is actually the second time I am writing this one because the first one disappeared. Hmmm… Anyway, the more free time I have , which is a lot, seems to be making this whole write and post consistently thing pretty hard. I know it makes no sense. I just need to be busy and have a routine. And yes, I know I have all day to make a routine and keep one, but the last few weeks it’s gotten harder and harder to find motivation.

That lack of motivation is killing my clean eating. I think I am eating out of boredom and depression. I know I’ll get through this, but I have never been unemployed for this long before. To top it off, I spent most of week 16 down for the count. I was sick. It sucked. I felt like crap. I ate crap. Does anyone else crave obnoxious amounts of carbs when they are sick? We’re talking the deep dish chicken and noodle bowl from Bob Evans with a biscuit and mashed potatoes. Yes, that happened. Yes, I gained weight while being sick.

So, what was on that fateful menu? Let’s talk about it.

A. Chicken and Veggie Soup: Per doctors orders I was supposed to be eating broth based foods to prevent dehydration. So, I put together a set it and forget it crock pot soup. Well, you can’t quite forget it because the chicken needs to be shredded and any veggies added later so they don’t dissolve. This was actually quite tasty. The doctor would be proud.

B. BBQ Chicken and Sweet Potato Packets: I found this on Pinterest. It’s actual a grill recipe that works perfectly in the oven. I will for sure be repeating this again soon. The BBQ sauce compliments the sweet potatoes so well. You can also make your packets ahead of time and throw in the oven when ready. (A couple days in the fridge is only going to marinate those wonderful flavors even more.)

C. Lemon Thyme Chicken: I know, chicken, chicken, chicken…Because we eat so much chicken, I am always on the lookout to infuse some new flavors. This recipe didn’t disappoint. I changed up the way I made it though. I cubed my chicken like I always do. Then I mixed all the other ingredients together, tossed the chicken in and baked. (I skipped that lemon wedge part too.) I really liked this. It’s fresh. I served it with some brown rice and steamed asparagus.

D. Zucchini Lasagna: We’ve made this recipe before. Just watch out so you don’t overcook those zucchini noodles or you’ll end up with a soupy mush, which actually still tastes pretty good.

Here’s how I prepped my Lemon Thyme Chicken for baking.




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