Meal Prep Week 15


Well guys, I’m down seven pounds since Christmas. Anyone else having some new year success?

I owe part of my weight loss to Jillian Michaels. I’ve been doing her 6 Week 6 Pack video. I just started my second week. The video can actually be found on You Tube. (I think all her video are posted there!) Give it a try. Take weekly picture so you can see the change in your body.

On to the food part of this blog post:

A. Stroganoff
We’ve had this on our meal plan before. It’s one of my favorites, especially with this cold weather. I made mine with some rice. It’s a great lunch for a practice day.

B. Tilapia with Zoodles
I warned you all I’d be making a lot of these! This week I went into garlic overload. I love garlic and these noodles are so good with it. I added a little yellow squash to the mix. It’s pretty!

C. Southwest Chicken
This is something I borrowed from an earlier recipe. Remember those stuffed sweet potatoes? Well, I decided to use the stuffing as a hearty salsa and top some chicken. The first night I baked the chicken. The second night I used my Foreman grill. I loved the grill flavor. This also makes an excellent salad!

D. Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash and Veggie of Choice
I think you can handle this one without an explanation. It’s just a variation of a standby recipe.

I sort of forgot to get some good photos this week. Sorry guys!


3 thoughts on “Meal Prep Week 15

  1. MMMMmmmmm I want that stroganoff again… FYI I’ve tried it with Greek yogurt and added baby broccoli in the past. It works well and still delicious. I also add a little extra of the mustard for more flavor.

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