Meal Prep Week 11


So how did everyone do on thanksgiving? I actually feel like I did pretty well. Now, the rest of the week is a completely different story. I’m pretty sure I have gained about five pounds and most of it is just bloat from not eating healthy and clean. I even gained an inch in my waist. Ew! Time to get back on track!!

And by getting on track, I prepped all my meals this week before hand. Saving meals to cook the day of was resulting in an easy out for ordering pizza.

So, you’ll notice some repeats on my menu plan. I know there are always repeats, but some of these are pretty close in time…

Let’s take a look at these meals, shall we?

A. Chicken and Rice: This is easy and good hot or cold. That’s why my husband likes just about every variation for his lunch. I had a can of corn so I added that as the veggie of choice.

B. Turkey Tacos: So last time I made these, I split an onion and red pepper in half, diced both halves and then froze one half. I had everything on hand to make these and half of it was prepped already making this an easy addition to the menu. I made a note on the recipe. I have replaced some of the water with additional tomato sauce. It makes the taco meat less liquidy. I also added some spiced up black beans. They are great in the taco or on the side. Speaking of taco…I made actual tacos with whole wheat tortillas. I shredded some carrots to top and add crunch. I forgot to add cheese and sour cream to the grocery list, so if that’s something you like on your tacos-make sure you add it!

C. Stuffed Green Pepper Soup: I know, we had this last week. Next time I make a full recipe, I’ll be cutting it in half. I had a lot of this leftover and wanted to get it eaten. I noted on the recipe that I just spiced up the leftovers by adding andouille sausage, minced garlic and crushed red pepper. Super great a second time around! I also noted on the shopping list what ingredients are for this in case you have a ton of leftovers or want to substitute something else in its place.

D. Baked Chicken Breasts, Sweet Potato Mash and a Veggie of Choice: Well, this is a pretty simple meal. It’s great for the cold weather. I steamed up some fresh green beans for my veggie.



Meal prep aftermath.



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