Making a Vest into a Corset

Let’s travel back to Halloween, and not because it was more than 20 degrees warmer, but because it was an absolute blast!

With a little help, I decided to plan a 30th birthday party for my friend and teammate Lysis. Her birthday couldn’t be during a better time of year. I mean, who doesn’t love to get dressed up and go out with their friends for Halloween? So, there is an annual Zombie Prom in Indianapolis—Broad Ripple to be exact. We thought it would be fun to get dressed up for an adventure, but not just any adventure. We wanted to crash the zombie prom as zombie hunters.

I wanted a specific look. It involved a corset of sorts. I was short on cash but had a new sewing machine and decided what a better time to learn to use it. I did. And I made the prefect corset from a vest I purchased at Goodwill.

1. Cut the vest up the very middle of the back.

2. Cut a piece of fabric the same height as the vest and the desired width needed. I found a brown pleather on sale at the fabric store. It wasn’t the easiest material to learn to sew, but I made it work. Sew the fabric panel to the vest. Next you’ll need to ether punch some rivets in or find a ribbon like I did with reinforced holes. It was the prefect stuff. This is what you will weave your laces through.

3. Use cording to lace up the back.

4. Make sure you take a picture of yourself wearing the new corset from the front and back…

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