Meal prep Week 10


This is a tough week for everyone in the cleaner eating world…Happy Thanksgiving.

I scaled back a little this week in preparation for the big dinner and any leftovers. I am lucky in that most everything grandma makes for Thanksgiving dinner is from scratch. Most of it is fairly clean—I mean in a Paula Dean kind of way.

Let go over those meals!

Clean Chili: It’s football season, and I think my husband wants to make chili just about every other weekend. This week it was especially hot!

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup: This was my first time making this recipe. (I got it from from fellow clean eater Amber.) I really liked this soup. It was hearty, flavorful and filling. Perfect for this winter weather we’re having. I would suggest adding a tad less water to the soup and making the rice separate. I would have liked this better served over the rice. Unfortunately, the rice gets a little gummy from cooking for so long and sucking in all the juices.

Salad and PB Sandwich: Need I say more?

Spaghetti: I honestly have so much chili and soup that I am not sure I will even make the spaghetti. The recipe is great though as I’ve made it plenty of times!

I’m running out of recipes that are easy to prep. Please send me some!!


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