Meal Prep Week 8


Warning! This week is pasta and tomato heavy. It’s the result of having a tight budget due to my unemployment combined with the start of the cold weather.

Meal A-Pesto Orzo with Chicken and Veggies:
You could easily replace the orzo with rice in this dish. I, however,  had a box of orzo on hand. Unfortunately it wasn’t gluten free or whole grain orzo pasta either. (If anyone knows where to find gluten free orzo, please let me know!) We’ll call my version cleaner but not clean. On an up note, this meal is great for packed lunches because it tastes good hot or cold.

Meal B-Lasagna:
Another pasta…and another pasta I couldn’t find as whole grain or gluten free. I used the more egg based self cooking noodles. Since I made this and spaghetti squash, I made a huge pot of my homemade pasta sauce. This cut down on some cooking and prep. You can also substitute the noodles with zucchini. Just use a wire cheese slicer to slice the zucchini longways. I have also made lasagna with egg plant. Unfortunately, I find that the egg plant gets mushy.

Meal C-Turkey Balls and Sweet Potatoes:
This was an easy meal for me to make because I had two containers of it prepped and frozen. No change in the directions here. (Add a little feta to your turkey balls for added flavor!)

Meal D-Spaghetti Squash
Another simple meal. Another item I made too much of and had frozen.




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