Meal Prep Week 7


This may have just been the easiest prep week ever! Of course I did my dinners as preps and cooked lunches only ahead of time. It was a yummy week of meal prep too.

I didn’t make any changes to the recipes either because they were my own.

Here’s the deal…I, well my husband, cooked the chili Sunday morning. We made a huge pot to get us through the week and Sunday football. Since it was a cheat day, we treated ourselves to chili cheese dogs. I made my pesto chicken and brown rice on Sunday as well. Here’s a quick tip…the last time I made pesto chicken, I made a double batch and froze half of it. (My husband didn’t even notice.)

As for the portabella pizzas, I pre made my sauce and had all my toppings pre sliced and ready to go. The pizzas are best fresh and take minutes in the toaster oven. For my salmon dinner, I used frozen, vacuum sealed salmon. (Hey, it was on sale.) I made the balsamic tomato topping and sliced my asparagus for steaming all ahead of time. I pulled the salmon from the freezer, topped it and made a foil packet. It took 35 minutes to cook (without thawing) and was amazing! You can always cook this one ahead of time, but freshly cooked fish can’t be beat. (And there’s less risk.)

Now I need your help. I am on the lookout for some clean eating recipes that I can work into my meal prep. Next week will be number eight, and I am going to start doing some repeats.




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