Meal Prep Week 4

4_Weekly Menu

This week’s meal prep felt a lot easier. Maybe it was simple recipes, or I am getting better at this whole prep thing.

To cut down on time, I started prepping Saturday. I did all my veggie slicing and dicing and prepped the easy stuff like fruit, cottage cheese and snacks. Saturday would be a great day to prep the pork in the crock pot or even make a huge batch of rice.  I was lucky and received a huge container of pork from a hog roast my husband went to.

As for that rice. I made about twice as much as I needed and froze half for next week. I am quickly learning little tricks to make food prep go quicker and easier.

As for recipe modifications this week, other then getting my pork handed over already done, there weren’t any. Hope you enjoy!

I also didn’t get a photo of everything all lined up and labeled on the counter so I thought I’d just share some food photos. (I’ll also be editing the photo size soon-I just wanted to get this posted!)






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