Topsy Turvy Pumpkin Planter

I’ve been wanting to make topsy turvy pumpkins since I first saw them on Pinterest. Unfortunately it was probably back in spring so I had to wait. The closer October came, the more I was itching to make it. In September I started collecting what items I needed: a giant flower pot or whiskey barrel, four to five trick-or-treating plastic jack-o-lanterns, a garden post and mums. I already had a pot I wasn’t using. (I also had a dilapidated fiberglass whiskey barrel. It was falling apart so I passed on trying to salvage it.) I was able to get the pumpkins from Goodwill. And to top off my planter, I used black lava rock. I was able to get a torn open bag from the local hardware store at half price. I pulled up Pinterest and used the directions from for Tipsy Pumpkins on the Birds & Bloom blog. It took me about 30 minutes to put it all together, and I am in love!






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