Meal Prep Week 3

3_Weekly Menu

This week my goal was to go easy on the rice and give my husband and self a little break. I also built this menu based on some items I had purchased for the week before and still had a little left over. I’m going to just quickly go through each meal.

Salad in a Jar: This is my first time trying this. I’ve read all about how great salads in a jar are and had a few friends even say they had tried it with great success. All I can do is wait and see. I put tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cheese, chicken and assorted greens in mine. I made a homemade vinegar and oil dressing. (no preservatives and funk this way.) For the assorted greens, I used the rest of the lettuce from my turkey taco lettuce and shrimp wraps. I also bought a large bag of spinach and used what was left over from the enchilada bake.

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts: This is the most modified of all my recipes. I made the filling for the chicken breasts sans the olives. I then cubed my chicken breasts and tossed them in a little olive oil and Italian seasonings. (You could also make the pesto chicken from last week.) Once the chicken was coated, I added the filling and baked everything in a baking dish for about 40 minutes. I made some brown rice and served this with rice and green beans.

Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas: The only place I strayed with this recipe was in adding some shredded chicken. I cooked the chicken the day before covered in all natural salsa in the crockpot. (I made extra and used it in my salads. You could also use the Mediterranean mix in your salads.)

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Southwestern Style: I started my sweet potatoes by poking holes in them with a fork and cooking for about 7 minutes in the microwave. (I put them in a dish with a little bit of water.) Then I finished them in the oven. This cut baking time in half. I also added some steak to the filling mix.

I prepped two weeks of fruit last week so if you’re wondering where it all is…

I’m off to the gym tonight to start my workout plan. (And by plan I mean I have the next two months mapped out on paper.)



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