Meal Prep Week 2

Week 2 Meal Prep

After a week of leftovers and cheats-yup, cheats-I grabbed my meal plan and grocery list. Last week was a great meal prep experience because I truly learned how much better I eat when the choices are made ahead of time. I had a few leftovers which worked well for lunch, but dinner, well that was a different mess. No plan meant we ate like crap. Frozen pizza anyone? White castle? I felt terrible and guilty because I had worked so hard the previous week. Maybe we all need one of those weeks in the beginning to help with motivation.

So let’s start with the plan. Week 1 had a little too much fish for my husband. He got sick of the food I made which made leftover week even worse. I used the template I borrowed from Amber and surfed the Google world for clean eating blogs and recipes. I pulled my four favorites and plugged them in. (I should have a link back to every recipe’s source.)

As I made the grocery list, I looked for substitutions in the recipes. I tried to make note of them in the plan, but here are the big ones:
-More snack choices
-I swapped out the orzo pasta for brown rice. (I would have kept it if I would have found gluten free orzo. I guess you could make this with other types of gluten free pasta.)
-I used precooked, frozen salad shrimp for the Lime-Basil Shrimp Wraps. (These are inexpensive and fit in a wrap quite well.) I also swapped mayo for Greek yogurt in this recipe.
-I am allowing my husband to stick his lettuce taco and wraps into whole wheat/low carb tortillas.

I was really careful about the amount of food I cooked. (I still have food in the freezer from my first big prep.) I watched the serving sizes on the recipes and matched them up to my plan for the week. I actually didn’t make enough rice this week. No worries though. The pesto chicken and rice (orzo) toppings work great on lettuce as a salad. I also prepped dinner a little different. I put it in one container because it was just a wrap/taco filling. I’ll heat it up and lay out all the fixings (cheese, lettuce, sour cream/Greek yogurt, etc) when it’s time for dinner. It makes it feel a little fresher. (But not really any additional work!)

***I was not a fan of the Lime Basil Shrimp Wraps.***

I’ve made my meal plan through Sunday. You can follow it all or Monday through Friday. I try to plan ahead even if it is just a cheat day. The calendar reminds me to make healthy choices. I also extended the grocery list so you can fill in any non-food essentials.




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