Flower Chandelier

Remember that two tiered chandelier I had? You know, the one I took apart and turned into a cake stand for my wedding. Well, I found the other half of it in the attic just before the summer started. Thanks to a little Pinspiration, I decided to make a flower chandelier.

 Materials Needed:
Old Chandelier
Sand Paper/Steel Wool
Spray Paint
Gorilla Glue
Small Flower Pots with Bottom Saucer
Chain for Hanging
Potting Soil


  1. Remove any of the electrical stuff like light sockets and wires.
  2. Lightly sand the chandelier then wipe clean.
  3. Spray paint the chandelier, flower pots and saucers each a different color. I just used some leftover paint I found in the garage. I’m not sure I like the green though. It blends in when the chandelier is hanging from a tree. Let everything dry.
  4. Glue the saucers to where the lights were on the chandelier. This creates the base for the pots.
  5. When the saucers have dried and are secured, glue the flower pots to the center.
  6. When everything is dry, attach a chain for hanging.
  7. Plant a few flowers in each planter (you may need potting soil here.)
  8. Hang your flower chandelier!






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